Welcome To Harley Bear's Coco Bites

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The organic coconut oil treats your dog will go nuts for!

We were adopted by THE most handsome Staffy boy who we called Harley. He had the sadly usual back story of abuse and neglect. When he decided we were the right family for him, we made him a promise that we would always look after him and that he would never go cold or hungry again.

We started to get to know each other and before long Harley Bear was part of the family, actually scratch that, he was the ruler of the roost, king of the castle, boss man, top dog! We started to take him for monthly grooms and were told that his coat, although full for a short haired dog, was not in the best condition. We did some research, spoke to our vet and discovered the benefits of coconut oil. What an amazing gift from nature this is!

The only problem with coconut oil is getting it out of the jar without breaking every spoon in the house so we decided to make the perfect bite size treats.

We don't want to baffle and blind people with science but we have provided some information on the health benefits of coconut oil under the "Health" page.