Woofmas Box


The Woofmas Box is super cool - branded with our new cartoon Harley Bear logo on a backdrop of flamingoes in Santa hats - doesn't get much better than that...... but wait, it does because each Woofmas Box contains:

1 x Whimzee Rice Bone
1 x Whimzee Hedgehog Chew
1 x Whimzee Later Gator Chew
4 x Whimzee Dental Sticks
1 x Elkwood Veggie Peanut Butter Antler Chew
1 x Elkwood Rattler Chew
2 Antos Toothbrush Chews

That's more than enough chews to get your puppa through to the New Year!

The shipping date for orders that contain Christmas items is currently 15th December. We will use the Royal Mail first class service. If you would like your parcel sooner or would prefer to use a courier, please let us know.