Minty Kisses Hamper


Does your pup give you stinky kisses? Bad breath comes from the inside as well as the mouth. Help ease digestive problems with our Minty Bites - made from organic coconut oil with a splash of peppermint oil, they will help soothe the digestive tract. These are not like Polos, they don't mask the odour, they help prevent it. You will also find a jar of our Coco Paste with a silicone finger brush.
Our toothpaste is made with baking soda to create a gentle cleaner. Simply put a little Coco Paste on the brush and rub over your pup's teeth. We have also added a little towel as things could get messy! Finally, there are 2 toothbrush chews - these are 100% natural chews with a minimal fat content. Pups find them doggy delicious!