Lickimat Sprinkles


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Lickimat Sprinkles are hand-baked crushed biscuits that are proudly made in Devon. They ready to sprinkle onto your Lickimat of choice! Sprinkles are wheat free and contain no added sugar, salts or dyes. Simply dampen your Lickimat with water or any tasty liquid and sprinkle the Sprinkles!

As we are moving soon, all the Sprinkles are buy one, get one free. This will be done automatically when your order is being prepared.

Available in four doggy delicious flavours:

Turkey & Sweet Potato
Duck & Orange
Liver, Turmeric & Black Pepper
Chicken & Broccoli

Sprinkle between 5 to 35g* a day onto the Mat as a treat or reward.

*Depending on breed, size and age. Always ensure your puppa has access to fresh, clean water.

Each tube has 150g of Sprinkles