Peanut Butter


Our homemade peanut butter contains 2 things - peanuts and a splash of coconut oil, that's it, nothing else! No nasties, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives, no additives and definately no xylitol!!

Available in two sizes - Small which is in the same size reusable glass jars as those cute mini jams you get with breakfast on holiday or Regular which comes in a Kilner style, clip seal jar both of which can be carefully licked clean by either humans or pups, washed and reused.

Like all our treats, our peanut butter is made to order. We would recommend that once its opened, you keep it in the fridge and use within 2 months. It can be used on our Lickimats, licked off a spoon, rolled into balls and used to hide tablets (much to HB's disgust) or, if you are human, spread on toast!

We feel a little silly mentioning this but we have to - our peanut butter, which is made from peanuts, may contain nuts!!!!

Small - 100g approx
Regular - 360g approx