Care Package


Care Packages are jam-packed with natural treats that fit through the letterbox. A note can be added so you can say "henlo fren" or maybe your Pawrents just want to treat you to a little something for being such good bois and gurls and not licking your bits on that all impawtant Zoom call with the boss!

They are available in 4 varieties:

Smol - this box contains 2 chimken sausages, 2 white mice, 2 strawberry mice and 2 Antos cereal toothbrush chews

Stinky - this box contains 2 chimken sausages, a Stinky Stick bundle, dried liver bites and an Antos cereal toothbrush chew

Bangers - 7, that's right 7 tasty, lip smacking chimken & black pudding sausages - that's enough for a whole week!

Large - this drool-dropping box contain 6 full size Stinky Sticks, 2 chimken sausages, dried liver chunks (either 2 medium or 1 large), 2 Antos cereal toothbrush chews, 2 white mice and 2 strawberry mice. This one is £1 more than the smaller box.