Chomp Box


The Chomp Box is something for larger pups. Packed into each HBCB branded lunchbox is a range of delicious low fat, natural treats.

Each box contains:

2 Whimzee Alligators
2 Whimzee Rice Bones
A Puffed Pig Snout
2 Large Liver Chunks

Whimzee treats are all natural, gluten free & vegetarian. They help remove plaque & tartar from teeth as they chew.

Puffed pig snouts are the perfect low fat treat. The snouts fat content is reduced significantly which makes then swell swell up & then they are then carefully dried.

Dried liver is, as you all know, is stinky but pups LOVE it. It is high in protein & cleans teeth - you might not want kisses straight after this one!