Stinky Stick Bundle


Stinky Stick Bundles are made up of 14 full size pig spaghetti sticks made handpicked pig intestines. Unlike other comparable products, our Stinky Sticks have NOT been chemically treated. The spaghetti is dried gently for four days in pure air, this is how they get their distinctive aroma. They are the same Sticks we use on our Pup Pops so if you have ever purchased those, you will know they are stinkier than the most stinky thing!!

Because the air drying process keeps in up to 15 % of moisture in the spaghetti, they are very chewable and do not splinter. They are suitable for all ages from puppies to elder dogs.. They are suitable for dogs with allergies.

Ingredients: Raw protein 54,87%, Raw fat 32,61%, Raw fibre 1,08%, Raw ash 3,78%

Each bundle is approximately 80g