This is Benson. He is a beautiful, strapping Staffy boy who is worshipped by his Dad. I hate the word "pet" because I think of our furbabies as so much more than a possession, they are family. Benson is no different to any other family member - he is loved, fed, walked, kept warm, comes first and did I say loved?? The only difference between Benson and Harley Bear is that HB has a home. Benson lives on the streets with his Dad.

Benson has had quite a few health issues and major ones at that. The most recent is having to go through his cruciate ligament operation. If you have had to go through this with your furball you will know this is not only a serious operation but it is also extremely expensive. Benson's op was arranged and funded by StreetVet. They are an amazing charity founded in 2016 by Jade Statt and Sam Joseph. StreetVet is run entirely by volunteers. I was lucky enough to meet Jade - she has no judgement, is extremely patient and genuinely cares for these guys. They are the only street level charity I know of that are 110% for the guys and their pups.

People say the homeless shouldn't have pets - why not? Some had their pets before they were on the street but in a lot of cases the pup and the person found each other on the street. It is a lonely world they live in and their pup is often their only friend.

There are many ways you can help StreetVet - give them a like on Facebook, share their page, follow them on Twitter, make a donation or buy something from their wish list.

Benson's recovery was aided by having the use of a stroller. This was donated to him by Winstons Wheels.