Minty Bites


Pongy breath is not just a big dog problem, it can affect little pups as well. If your little one has, ahem, "interesting" breath, then try our Minty Bites. These are peppermint infused coconut oil mini hearts which are gentle on tums. They soothe the digestive tract which helps eliminate bad breath, prevent bloating and, ahem, wind! Each jar contains 55 mini hearts and is approx 250g but this can vary as they are individually hand poured.

There is also a selection of jar designs to choose from - Staffy, Frenchie, Pug, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Westie or plain.

PLEASE NOTE these are NOT doggy breath mints, they treat the cause of bad breath not just mask it. One or two hearts a day should help make your pooch even more smooshable than they already are!

Remember, if you have any cause for concern please see your vet.

Made with organic coconut oil and a splash of peppermint oil. These treats have a shelf life of six months and should be kept in the fridge or somewhere cool and dry.

Treats are made to order and are shipped out on Mondays. If you require a different shipping day, just let us know. Thank you.