Care Package


Care Packages are jam-packed with natural treats that fit through the letterbox. They are the perfect way to keep in touch with all your Dog Park Pals during lockdown. A note can be added so you can say "henlo fren" or maybe your Pawrents just want to treat you to a little something for being such good bois and gurls and not licking your bits on that all impawtant Zoom call with the boss!

They are available in 4 varieties:

Smol - this box contains 2 chimken sausages, 2 white mice, 2 strawberry mice and 2 Antos cereal toothbrush chews

Stinky - this box contains 2 chimken sausages, a Stinky Stick bundle, dried liver bites and an Antos cereal toothbrush chew

Bangers - 7, thats right 7 tasty, lip smacking chimken sausages - that's enough for a whole week!

Large - this drool-dropping box contain 6 full size Stinky Sticks, 2 chimken sausages, dried liver chunks (either 2 medium or 1 large), 2 Antos cereal toothbrush chews, 2 white mice and 2 strawberry mice. This one is £1 more than the smaller boxes.

PLEASE NOTE The Care Package includes free shipping BUT because of the way our website is set up, you will be charged for shipping on checkout - if you do not order any other treats, this will be refunded to you within 24 hours.