Letterbox Box


This is a simple box of treats that fits through your letterbox. It is the perfect gift - all we ask is you make sure your pup cannot get to the letterbox - Harley Bear loves to munch on anything the postman brings! Each box holds 3 bags of treats - they can all be the same flavour or you can mix it up - the choice is yours! PLEASE leave your flavour choices in the notes section.


Over the Summer, the treats will be sent with an ice pack and in a larger box that will not fit through the letterbox. You will not be charged for the extra shipping cost. If you would prefer a letterbox friendly box, please choose that option BUT these cannot be sent out with an ice pack. We cannot accept responsibility for any melting that may occur during shipping.

Flavour choices:

Strawberry Hearts
Original Hearts
Peanut Butter Hearts
Peanut Butter Teddies
Chocolate Hearts
Chocolate Teddies
White Chocolate Hearts
Minty Bites Hearts