Paw Bags


Bag of 12 organic coconut oil paw treats. Each bag weighs approximately 100g.

The paws are made with organic coconut oil & come in four doggy-delicious flavours:

Original Brewer's Yeast - kinda like Marmite
Peanut butter;
Strawberry and

Peppermint is gentle on tums & helps soothe the digestive tract which helps eliminate bad breath, prevent bloating & ahem, wind!

PLEASE NOTE the minty paws are NOT doggy breath mints, they treat the cause of bad breath not just mask it. One paw a day should help make your pooch even more smooshable than they already are!

Remember, if you have any cause for concern please see your vet.

All our treats have a shelf life of six months and should be kept in the fridge or somewhere cool and dry.