Turmeric Bones


Our Turmeric Bones are made with organic coconut oil and turmeric. Each bag has 15 bones in which can easily be snapped in half.

Turmeric is amazing stuff! it originates from India where it is highly regarded for its medicinal as well as flavourful properties. Studies have shown that the curcumin in turmeric touts anti-inflammatory properties and aids in digestion in pups as well as other health benefits such as:

- Maintaining pain associated to joints issues and arthritis
- Reducing blood clots due to its blood thinning properties
- Helping irritable bowel diseases since it helps break down dietary fats
- Great antioxidant
- Boosting the immune system

As with all changes to your pup's diet, when introducing turmeric into their diet, it's best to start slow so that their digestive system becomes accustomed to it.

Each bone has approx 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric. We would recommend:

1 bone a day for small dogs up to 12kg
1-2 bones a day for larger dogs up to 23kg

You may see a change of colour in your pup's poop, if this concerns you, please stop giving the treats and speak to your vet. Also, if your pup has health concerns or is on medication, please consult your vet to see if turmeric is right for them.